Famous as one of the Cleveland area's best and most beautiful picnic areas, Wiegand's Lake Park has recently extensively added and upgraded facilities to create an exciting new venue for outdoor country weddings. The atmosphere is as friendly and welcoming as ever, but a new lakeside wedding deck and expanded and refurbished reception hall has made the beautiful grounds more suitable than ever for your special day.

Our experienced, expert planners will help to make your day worry-free (at least as far as the food and facilities are concerned), providing food, flowers, music, wedding cake, lighting, and decoration of the facility. Whether you are looking for a formal outdoor garden wedding or a less traditional affair including swimming, boating, and softball Wiegand's Lake is prepared to fill your needs.


The lakeside deck can seat up to 300 people.

The reception hall can be configured for
dining and dancing
The new exterior deck provides a serving area and spot for relaxation. The hall provides a generous seating area and a respite if the weather fails to cooperate.    


As always, our friendly staff waits to serve you!

For more information and to check the availability of dates, please call Wendy at 440-338-5795 or email

Visit the park website at www.wiegandslakepark.com